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Fire Lunches W/ Kyle Kamp

Fire lunches suck, but there's a reason for it... Today on the show, I have Kyle Kamp from Valley to Peak Nutrition to discuss!

Fire Fitness W/ Zach Roubo

Zach Roubo is live and in person to talk about fire fitness and training!

A Day in Dispatch W/ Lauren Bellinger

Let's talk about a what happens behind the scenes at dispatch with Lauren Bellinger!

Global Response W/ Alex K Potter (Bonus Content)

If you're interested in doing volunteer humanitarian aid across the globe, get in touch with Alex K Potter!

Do No Harm w/ Alex Potter

Today on the show, we have Alex Potter... She is a conflict zone photojournalist, Registered Nurse, humanitarian, and Wildland Firefighter...

WTF is a WFM w/ Jon Freeman

WTF is a WFM anyways? Today on the show, we have Jon Freeman from Columbine Wildland Fire Module to explain!

So, you wanna jump? w/Andrew Pattison

Andrew Pattison from Missoula Smokejumpers is on the show to share some info on how to become a SMKJ... He also dispels some of those myths, mysteries, and rumors surrounding the smokejumper program!

Episode 17 Teaser Episode w/Andrew Pattison

Bonus / Teaser content for episode 17!

Helitack Hiring Tips and Tricks w/Jason Bullough

Today on the show we have Jason Bullough from Wasatch Helitack to talk about his program, and some best practices for getting picked up on a Helitack crew!

R6 Temp Seasonal Hiring Tips and Tricks W/Chad Schmidt

Today on the show, Chad Schmidt from Central Oregon Rappellers stops by and shares his best tips and tricks for upping your chances for getting selected for Region 6 temp seasonal hiring!

Resumes, USAJOBS, and Applications - R5 Fire Hire W/ Ashley Letscher

Lets talk about fire hire!!! Lets give you guys the tools needed to land that awesome spot with the Apprenticeship, your first perm, or a new duty station!

Sound Check with Mynda Ohs - Bonus Content

Here is a random snippet of bonus content from my interview with Dr. Mynda Ohs! - Enjoy...

Mynda Ohs, PhD.

Today on the show, Dr. Mynda Ohs stops by to share her perspective as a mental health clinician and give us a few tools to add to our mental health toolbox!

PTSD, Cardboard Flip Flops, and Coordination Centers w/ Gary Atteberry

PTSD, Cardboard Flipflops,and Coordination Centers: A career journey of a Wildland Firefighter with special guest, Gary Atteberry! Today on the show, we talk about his career, tragedy, overcoming adversity, and some things he did to seek and get the help he needed...

Stuart Palley

Today on the show, Stuart Palley drops in and talks about his book "Terra Flamma" and the impacts of wildfire on our communities, firefighters, and the toll it takes on the environment...

The Side Hustle w/ Adam Tinker

Lets talk about starting your own firefighter owned businesses with the founder of Palmleaf Leather - Adam Tinker!

Injury and Recovery w/ Dr. Anthony Harrell

Lets talk about fitness, injuries, and recovery with Dr. Anthony Harrell DPT!

Ben Gregory

Today on the show we talk about wildland fire, the military, and photography with The Smokey Generation x Mystery Ranch Micro-grant recipient, Ben Gregory!

Sleep and Fatigue w/ Dr. Randy Brooks Ph.D.

Do you sleep enough? Probably not! Today on the show, Dr. Randy Brooks and I sit down and have a talk about sleep, fatigue, and the detrimental effects that it has on your decision making, health, and safety...

Fireline Medic -Michelle Raponi

Today on the show we have fireline medic, Michelle Raponi, to talk about emergency medicine!

Pulaskis And Barbells

Lets talk fitness with Pulaskis and Barbells

Fire in Australia w/ Jack Fry

Jack Fry is on the show to explain how they do business in the state of Victoria, Australia!

The big badass boot episode w/ JK Boots

JK Boots is on the show to go over the construction, maintenance, and break-in of your fire boots!!! Finally an answer straight from the builders themselves!!!

Amanda Monthei

Amanda Monthei - Writer, Traveler, Avid Angler, Powder Hound, and Hotshot... We talk about her rookie season on an IHC!

Nelda St. Clair

This is episode one!!! We are live!!! On this episode we cover the "elephant in the room" (mental health) and CISM with Nelda St. Clair...

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